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Hello, and welcome to Naruto Ancients, this is an RPG that takes place two-hundred years prior to the founding of Konohagakure, war ravages the land and hidden villages are non-existent. Join the journey!

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Naruto Ancients: Step into the past, two hundred years before the founding of Konohagakure. The world is ever-changing and clans wage war all across the land. It's up to you to fan the flames of war or extinguish them for good.
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 Hyūga clan

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PostSubject: Hyūga clan   Hyūga clan Icon_minitimeTue May 14, 2013 10:02 pm

Clan Creation

Name: Hyūga

Insignia: Hyūga clan J0pNS

Group color: #00CC66

Population Count: 100

Head of Household: n/a (as of yet)

Settlement Location: Hi no Kuni

History: The Hyūga clan (Hyūga Ichizoku) is one of the four most powerful clans of Hi no Kuni. While not much is known of the clan's background, they are considered to be one of, if not currently, the most powerful clan in Hi no Kuni. Their notoriety and prowess stretches far and wide, leading others to both praise and covet their abilities.

The clan is separated into two parts, the main house (Sōke) and the branch house (Bunke), a system that protects the secrets of the Byakugan from outsiders. The main house runs the family while the branch house protects it. The members of the branch house are branded with a cursed seal upon the third birthday of the heir to the main house. This seal gives the main house members absolute control over the branch members, because they can destroy the branch members' brain cells with a simple hand seal, or cause them great pain to punish them. This seal also makes sure the secret of the Hyūga's Byakugan is safe, because it seals the Byakugan after the wearer of the seal dies. Because they are essentially servants, simply because of their birth order or heritage, some branch house members are hostile to those of the main house.

- - -

Kekkei Genkai/Bloodline Trait name: Byakugan

Kekkei Genkai/Bloodline Trait: The primary ability of the Byakugan gives the user a near 360º field of vision, except for one blind spot at the back of the neck above the first thoracic vertebra. Upon activation of the dōjutsu, the wielder is granted an automatic 50 (D/C), 150 (B), 250 (A) 350 (S) meter field of vision around themselves which can then be extended at their discretion.

The second ability is being able to see through solid objects, as well as some degree of telescopic sight. It can also see through most barriers, and other things such as smokescreens, differentiate between non-corporeal clones and can see through techniques that would otherwise hide an opponent from normal sight. The distance and the degree of telescopic sight varies from person to person, and can be improved through training.

The third and one of the greatest uses of the Byakugan is the ability to see chakra, chakra flow, the chakra circulation system inside the body with great detail as well as the colour of chakra. It is from this particular ability that the Hyūga Clan are able to employ their ultimate attack style: Gentle Fist. Unlike the Strong Fist, which is focused on external injuries, the Gentle Fist style focuses on internal injuries. Each strike, when placed correctly, strikes along the chakra pathway system, which is the network of vessels that carry chakra. This network is closely intertwined with the functioning of the body's organs, and so, when the keirakukei take damage, the organs suffer as well. There is no defence against the Gentle Fist, since one cannot train one's internal organs to become stronger. The only possible defense is to stop the Gentle Fist's hits from connecting. Like the Sharingan and Rinnegan, the Byakugan's ability to see chakra and its flow allows the user to detect chakra sealed barriers as well as determine when genjutsu is being used.

Particularly skilled users of the Byakugan can take the Gentle Fist style one step further. Along the keirakurei are 361 pinprick-sized nodes called tenketsu, or chakra points, which only the more skilled users can see. When struck, the Byakugan user can choose to either seal, or forcibly open these tenketsu, thus giving the user complete control over their opponent's chakra system. So, with precision, all those points along the victim's body can be sealed, stopping the chakra flow to those areas.

Drawback(s): Constantly using the Byakugan over fifteenth posts causes severe eye strain, so much so that at that point, the user cannot tell the difference between one persona and another. Using the Byakugan over ten posts lengthens the cooldown of Kekkei Genkai jutsu used by one post.

Clan (Hiden) Jutsu

Name: Eight Trigrams Palm Rotation
Rōmaji: Hakkeshō Kaiten
Canon: Yes
Classification: Kekkei Genkai, Taijutsu
Rank: B-A
Class: Defensive
Range: Self; 4m radius (B), 8m radius (A)
Description: A secret taijutsu that is orally handed down only within the main house of the Hyūga, this technique utilizes the chakra control gained through Gentle Fist training to release a huge amount of chakra from all the chakra points on the user's body. It is also a defensive maneuver to compensate for the Byakugan's blind spot as the released chakra blocks any possible attack on the user. After releasing chakra from every tenketsu in their body, the user then spins rapidly to parry the attack, both creating a rotating shield of chakra around themselves and tossing away any nearby attackers. The user can also actively control the size and power of the sphere to suit the situation. This technique is only effective when rotating, since the chakra itself is not enough to stop a physical attack thus if they cannot spin, the user becomes vulnerable.
Drawback/Duration/Cooldown: Cooldown is four posts; can also be used twice with a nine post cooldown.

Name: Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms
Rōmaji: Hakke Rokujūyon Shō
Canon: Yes
Classification: Kekkei Genkai, Taijutsu
Rank: A
Class: Offensive
Range: Within 2m radius.
Description: The Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms is a taijutsu that should only be passed down in the main house of the Hyūga. It is a dangerous technique that is appropriately handed down from father to only a single child within the Hyūga clan. It is a manoeuvre of the Gentle Fist fighting style.[2]

With the Byakugan's near 360° field of vision, the user envisions an Eight Trigrams circle. Then the enemy within this circle is hit with a series of violent blows. By striking sixty-four of the tenketsu throughout the opponent's Chakra Pathway System, their chakra flow is stopped, making them unable to even stand.

Once someone is within range of the user's field of divination, the user assumes a Gentle Fist stance and begins to deliver the attack:

First, two consecutive strikes to make two.
Second, another two consecutive strikes to make four.
Third, four consecutive strikes to make eight.
Fourth, eight consecutive strikes to make sixteen.
Fifth, sixteen consecutive strikes to make thirty two.
Sixth, another thirty two consecutive strikes in succession to make a total of sixty four strikes.

Each set of strikes is done at an exponentially increasing pace and strength. The attack not only disables the enemy but also knocks them back with every set of strikes.
Drawback/Duration/Cooldown: Six post cooldown.

Name: Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm
Rōmaji: Hakke Kūshō
Canon: Yes
Classification: Kekkei Genkai, Taijutsu
Rank: B
Class: Offensive
Range: Maximum of 4m
Description: This technique is similar in practice to Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven, but has a specific target rather than a general area. To perform it, the user precisely pinpoints the enemy's vital points with the Byakugan and releases a high-speed palm thrust. A "vacuum shell" compressed using the Gentle Fist is formed to attack the opponent's vitals from a distance, blowing them off their feet with tremendous force before they even notice they were hit.
Drawback/Duration/Cooldown: Four post cooldown.

Name: Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists
Rōmaji: Jūho Sōshiken
Canon: Yes
Classification: Kekkei Genkai, Taijutsu
Rank: C-B
Class: Offensive
Range: Self (C); maximum of 4m (B)
Description: The user forms two large lion-shaped shrouds of chakra around their hands, then attacks the opponent with them. It heightens the users physical power and also temporarily stuns the opponent for a duration of one post. It can be used from a distance if the user has a higher mastery over the technique (B-rank).
Drawback/Duration/Cooldown: Lasts six posts with a cooldown of six posts.

Name: Gentle Fist Art One Blow Body
Rōmaji: Jūkenpō Ichigekishin
Canon: Yes
Classification: Kekkei Genkai, Taijutsu
Rank: B
Class: Offensive
Range: Self
Description: A technique born from their innate ability to expel chakra from every tenketsu on their body, a member of the Hyūga clan can hit their opponent with a blast of chakra that will send them flying away from the user. It was also shown that this technique can be used with pin-point accuracy to target the weak point of a technique.
Drawback/Duration/Cooldown: Cooldown of four posts.

- - -

Foreign Relations

Allies: n/a

Enemies: n/a
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Hyūga clan
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