Naruto Ancients
Hello, and welcome to Naruto Ancients, this is an RPG that takes place two-hundred years prior to the founding of Konohagakure, war ravages the land and hidden villages are non-existent. Join the journey!

Naruto Ancients

Naruto Ancients: Step into the past, two hundred years before the founding of Konohagakure. The world is ever-changing and clans wage war all across the land. It's up to you to fan the flames of war or extinguish them for good.
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 Rules of Naruto Ancients

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PostSubject: Rules of Naruto Ancients   Rules of Naruto Ancients Icon_minitimeThu Mar 19, 2009 8:31 am

Rules of Naruto Ancients

1. No God-moding in the Forum. In other words, your character can't be totally invulnerable, unmeetable, all-knowing or have absolute control over another member's character and their actions. You only control your character's actions or the actions of NPC's to be used in a thread of your making -- with boundaries. This includes NO one-hit KO's!!

2. Avoid cursing frequently, and never treat others disrespectfully.

3. The Staff's word is law in the Forum; what ever an Admin and/or Moderator says, goes. However, that's not to say you can't express your viewpoints or give advice respectfully.

4. You are not to share your account password with anyone! We want to keep the Forum as lax and secure as possible.

5. Every post has to have a minimum of 5-8 sentences. This keeps threads interesting and encourages a creative and productive community.

6. If you have an issue with some, or someone is giving you trouble, please contact a member of the Staff and we'll help solve the problem.

7. If you are the author of a thread, it is your responsibility to request that a member of the Staff lock it up for you once it is finished.

8. Regarding a combat thread that is unrelated to the storyline, one character cannot 'kill' another member's character indefinitely, if permission from the Staff wasn't warranted. This isn't, suffice to say, that there will not be any penalties for having accepted a duel and losing, or failing a mission.

9. Avoid typing Outside-of-Character (OoC) posts, in an in-character thread. Instead, contact the author of the thread, or a member of the Staff if there is an issue that you've recognized in a thread. It is not a member of the Staff's responsibility to pick up on every mistake and violation that takes place in a thread. As a member, you need to keep the Staff informed of any such problems you may be having, or experience that can be solved.

10. If you are to be absent/inactive for a set period of time, please be sure to inform a member of the staff. If you don't, your role in the Forum could be nullified, and your character deemed totally inactive after 14 days of unwarranted absence. Additionally, avoid holding up a thread you joined or created. For those being held up, inform a member of the Staff, and we will allow you to continue the thread without the inactive member. Do not make this decision on your own!

11. Until a thread is complete, your experiences and otherwise in that thread cannot be applied to another thread. We don't want a time paradox. If you're having trouble finishing a thread, refer to Rule #10.

12. Members are not allowed to use the same avatar/character as another member on this site.

13. Finally, be sure to have fun. If you join the Naruto Ancients community only to be mopy and callous about everything, then you're not being a mindful member of the community. We are not licensed psychiatrists, and we don't need an overload of drama and negativity in the chat-box and elsewhere in the Forum.
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Rules of Naruto Ancients
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